Commission Free Online Ordering System

User friendly, easy to setup menu, add and edit items. Customer service is excellent.
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Commission Free Online Ordering System

To boost your sales implement an “Online ordering System” so customers can order and pay online at their own convenient time and place and get real time confirmation.

EPOS Software and Hadware

We provide bespoke EPOS software that supports improving the productivity and efficiency of staff. Manage your business in no time.

Website Design

We provide free as well as with cost website design for your business.

Who we are


EPOS software and Online Ordering System

EmperorSoft specialises in web design, online ordering systems, EPOS software, hardware for restaurants, and takeaways. Streamline your business and manage it more effectively ensuring excellent service.

We assess your requirements to create a personalised solution. We will install and configure the software for you, and it’s ready to use straight away providing the following benefits: –

  • Time saving on order Taking
  • No confusion over orders
  • No confusion over bills, automatic billing
  • Tax breakdown
  • Higher profit because of efficiency and elimination of wastage
  • Commission free online ordering system

We will be happy to talk through the options and put together a full quotation for you at no cost.
If you have a question about the kind of websites we make, send us a message and we’ll get back to you.

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